This brings back good memories of working back in 1979 with Ralph deciding what was authentic and what was not from pocket shape to fit and what leather to use! I believe we made the first ever of his flight jackets. Would be fun to have a second chance at making the perfect replica right here in the USA.

A great review from one of our Australian customers:

"(Avenger) G1 is very comfortable and well made, easy access pockets, comfortable woollen colour, not to heavy, Leather is not to hard, nice and soft, its like you’ve been wearing it for year’s like its already been broken into. If you haven’t worn one you don’t know what you’re missing. I wore it around my brothers place then I get a phone call from him the next day his mate has been looking for the G1 jacket for year’s so here comes more orders. I should open my own store over here in oz, they would sell like hot cakes. well done cockpit, great products.” - Garry